Living in the Castle

Living in castle - medieval larp, roleplay,


If you choose the BASIC price option, you will sleep in the castle. Accommodations are more like „camping in the building“ than anything else. The „dormitory“ is located on the second floor of the castle, where you will sleep on sleeping pads (Mirelon). The pads are 3 cm thick and measure 50 x 200 cm. Please bring all other necessary equipment with you, such as sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, and towels. We also recommend bringing earplugs.

There are no showers at the castle, only a flushing toilet and cold running water on the ground floor.

If you choose the LUXURY or ULTRA LUXURY options, you will sleep at a local hotel or guesthouse. Accommodations will include one-bed or multiple-bed rooms with a toilet and shower. A minibus service will be provided to transport you between your hotel and the game location every morning and evening at designated times. The hotel is also within walking distance, taking approximately 7 minutes to reach.


Restrooms with two flushing toilets and a wash-basin with cold water taps are available for ladies and gentlemen on the ground floor of the castle. We will provide toilet paper, soap, disinfectant, and paper towels. Additionally, there is one mirror in the hall between the restrooms.


In addition to the items mentioned above, please remember to pack enough clothing, personal hygiene products, any necessary items for personal needs, CZK cash, a European power adapter (if needed), chargers, medication, a sleeping bag, and a blanket if you have chosen the BASIC package. We also recommend bringing two pairs of non-disturbing, warm shoes.


There is nowhere to warm up inside the castle. The only room with heating is dedicated for sleeping. We will try to warm up the castle with gas heaters but it is a huge building and we will not get to the usual room temperature (23°C). The average temperature inside is 12-13°C and the average temperature outside is 5-8°C. 

You will get wool costumes from us but the responsibility for warm clothing under your costumes is up to you! 

You should take several layers of warm clothing with you – functional underwear, two sweaters, a down vest, a scarf, a lower back warming belt, two pairs of warm socks, leather gloves or knitted mitten, players of female characters can also have a tight cap under veils. You can trust us that you will appreciate having these extra layers. Your costumes will allow for these extra layers. If you are cold, first add an extra layer under your costume and if it is still not enough, only then come for an extra layer of costume. 



We can prepare the following special diets – vegetarian, gluten free, various food allergies and milk intolerance. We cannot cover vegan and other diets. 

The cuisine will be inspired by authentic recipes from the Middle Ages. The food will be cooked over an open fire. For breakfast, you can expect porridge or eggs; for lunch, a thick soup with bread; and for dinner, a two-course meal. There will be bread with lard or fresh cheese available between meals.

You can drink water or warm fruit tea all day, and there will be coffee upon request.

You can also visit a pub managed by organizers during the game, where you can buy mulled wine, hot juice, and non-alcoholic beer with CZK cash. After the game alcoholic beverages will also be available.


Our aim is to provide an authentic experience of medieval life, which is supported by the beautiful environment of the castle, medieval cuisine, music, and most of all, the costumes. Despite that, we have decided to allow glasses and modern shoes. However, please take leather or faux leather shoes, ideally two pairs. Please don’t take trainers. Military boots, hiking boots, other types of leather boots, modern winter shoes or snow boots in black or brown color are acceptable.

Players of male characters should take unicolored cotton tracksuit trousers and some functional or merino underwear. If your character has a short surcoat, the trousers can be covered with leg wraps.

The esthetic ideals of medieval people are different from modern esthetic ideals, and our costumes reflect this. The cuts are wider, obscuring the figure, while the clothing is more colorful with more daring color combinations than nowadays. We thank you for respecting this concept.


We will provide bags and purses.

If your character is female, please don’t use too much makeup and try to use less expressive styles.

Most characters will receive headgear – female characters will receive headdresses and veils, while male characters will receive coifs, capes, and hoods. This is in line with medieval tastes.

If you sew or knit, please bring the necessary equipment with you. We will provide needles, threads, spare pieces of fabric, skeins, and lucets. You can sew and embroider something or knit a string, and you can keep the product as a souvenir.


We only use soft LARP weapons (BOFRY), and if your character is supposed to be armed, we will provide the weapons.

We do not allow any metal weapons in our games, including sharp weapons.

Some characters will have light armor, which we will provide. However, please note that our game is not focused on fighting, so don’t expect full armor. You will receive gambeson, some chainmail elements, and a helmet.


The game is completely non-smoking. However, we understand that this may be challenging for some of our players. There will be one designated smoking area, the STABLES, where players can take a small break from the game to smoke. Smoking is only allowed in the STABLES before, during, and after the game.


Since the game can be emotionally challenging, the entire top floor of the castle will be designated for relaxation, taking a break from the roles, and off-game conversations. Please do not discuss game secrets or plots when out of character!

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