Game mechanisms and Safety



To end a scene that is not comfortable for a player or otherwise disturbing, we use a mechanism of Red STOP. Red STOP ends the scene you want to stop because it has been either too distressing for you as player or because there has been an injury for example. With Red STOP you will stop the game for all players involved in the scene. After the issue is solved, the game continues.


There is another mechanism to stop any scene which is uncomfortable for you but this time it is a mechanism that doesn’t stop the scene for other players involved to the scene – you will use a sentence: I must go to confession. You can then leave and address any of the organizers (a confessor) and discuss your issue, gather yourself and then you can continue playing. Don’t hesitate to come to us after any uncomfortable situation, we are there for you.


We believe that a certain degree of physical experience is important for the overall experience from the game, however it might be uncomfortable. Nevertheless, we want to give you reasonably realistic experience of medieval life and we believe that a few minutes of physical or psychological discomfort might enhance your game experience. If we disregard the cold, the main source of discomfort will be the inquisition interrogation or other type of interrogation. Not everyone will be interrogated. Nobility, clergy and pregnant (in the game) women will not be interrogated most probably. The other characters must assume that there is a possibility that they might be interrogated in the torture chamber.


The level of physical (and psychological) discomfort in the game and in any interrogation is up to each player. However, everyone can experience a touch on their shoulder from the executioner or the helper, a few moments of kneeling on the ground (up to a minute), theater slap, whipping of a bench next to the interrogated (which serves to imitate flogging). If you are ok with more than a minimum discomfort, you can expect is a gentle immobilization – your hands will be tied up (very loosely) with a soft rope in front of you and you will be able to untie yourself easily. The interrogation might then progress to gentle “flogging” with a soft rope over your back (and the layers of clothing) or you will be “stretched on a rack”. The highest allowed degree of torture is tying your hands loosely behind your back with a soft rope and slowly pulling your arms to the ceiling.


There are several supporting mechanisms connected to the torture chamber:

If you believe that your character is really tough, your character will not tell anything he or she doesn’t want to at least not on the first try. When the inquisitor applies a higher degree of torture, you should reveal a small secret even if your character is really tough. Don’t make the inquisitor depressed that no one will say a thing. The inquisitor can use up to 4 degrees of torture and every character that is interrogated will eventually share some secrets. It is an integral part of the game. Don’t try to keep your secrets the whole game.

You can of course use RED STOP or I must go to confession (to leave the scene). You can also use off-game whispering with the executioner, you can let him know if you can take more discomfort if you need to relax the pressure. There are following three in-game sentences you can use in communication with the executioner and the inquisitor:

If you have a feeling that it is too much for you as a player and you want a gentler approach, say:

Virgin Mary, stand by me!

It is an important mechanism and all interrogators and their helpers will respect it.

The game will continue as if you didn’t say anything significant but the inquisitor and the executioner will treat you gentler, they will shout less, etc.

On the other hand, if you feel that you would enjoy more pressure as a player, by which we mean that the inquisitor will for example shout more or use other suggestive methods of psychological pressure… We are still talking about psychological terror, not about actual physical punishment… you can use insolent:

God is by my side!

If you would also enjoy more physical discomfort, you can say:

Shame on the false prophets!

It is a special option just for you and use it only if you really want it.

Either way, these three sentences enable you to drive the interrogation between gentle and more naturalistic.

There is one more sentence:

It is possible that your character is facing serious threats and your friends want to help you and protect you (e.g. from interrogation). If you as a player want to experience the scene and you don’t want to be saved by other characters, you can tell the other players:

I can face my fate alone!

And they will let you face your fate.

Outside of the torture chamber, any in-game violence is only theatrical – there should be absolutely minimal physical contact between the players – the maximum allowed is clenching front loose side of the clothes (where a lapel would be if you had a coat or a jacket) and gentle shaking.


We leave the level of intimacy up to the players, we only give the maximum allowed level. The absolute maximum level of intimacy allowed in-game includes:

  • a gentle hug
  • a kiss on a cheek
  • holding hands in public

Please leave other intimacies to your private moments before and after the game if you have someone close to you participating in the same game. This limitation is there to ensure general comfort of players.

Any in-game sexual intercourse will be played as taking off your headdress and a brief hug.

We would like to stress that rape or any other type of forced intercourse is not one of the topics of the game and any (in-game) forced sexual intercourse must be consulted with the organizers in advance.

Game mechanics connected to punishment

  • A typical punishment that might appear in the game is a fine, penance or payment of damages

  • A game mechanic for branding will be introduced in pre-game workshops (it is absolutely safe, painless and you can wash it off effortlessly after the game)

  • Pillory will be used as one of the punishments (approximately 15 minutes, not a real pillory, just mock binding to a tree trunk and in-game public shaming)

  • Prison (15 minutes in the dungeon with windows)

  • There will be no hanging, burning at stake will not happen before Saturday evening (there will be no actual fire involved, your safety will not be threatened)

Safety and protection of life and property consent

The act of registration to this game also constitutes a consent of the player that they will under all circumstances behave in a manner that does not put their or anyone else’s life, health or property at risk. Alcohol consumption is allowed during the game but the players consent that they will drink responsibly. Consumption of other psychotropic drugs is strictly forbidden.

The players declare that they will treat the premises and equipment of the state castle Lipnice with utmost care knowing that the castle is a National Cultural Treasure. The players will not damage in any way the building itself or any of the property within it, they will not cut into plastering, damage floors and they will immediately notify the organizers in case of spillage.

The players will also treat with utmost care any items and costumes provided to them by the organizers.

The players will be respectful to other players. The players will not disrupt the game with their behaviour (by talking about topics not related to the game and the setting). If they feel the need to step out of the role, they will do so strictly in premises dedicated to such purpose.

Our games are strictly non-smoking. Smoking players will respect this and they will only smoke in a designated smoking area.

Medical emergencies

The set-up of our games does not create situations where the lives of players would be in danger. However, accidents can happen even under the least expected circumstances and we are prepared for such situations. During our dramatical LARPs, a trained health professional is always present and we are ready to call an ambulance in case of an emergency.

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