Policy concerning audiovisual records

Strong experiences from the atmosphericGood people of Languedoc game taking place in the Middle Ages

Policy concerning audiovisual records taken in our games

We are making audiovisual records in our games. By registering to any run of any of our games, each player give consent to the organizers to make photographs, audio and video records during the game and grants them unlimited and irrevocable license to use such record or any part of it in all known manners of use without any limitation of territory, time, technology, amount or purpose. License and all rights according to the previous paragraph are granted as exclusive, unlimited, valid since the time of the creation of the record until the expiration of intellectual property rights according to existing legislature. 

Pictures taken and audiovisual records or their parts can be shared mainly through 

  • web or social media, 
  • documentaries, 
  • almanacs, 
  • exhibitions, 
  • festivals, 
  • collected editions, 
  • public screenings, 
  • use in a film, 
  • television, radio or other type of broadcast,
  • other types of media.

The records can further be used as part of larger works, anthologies, documentaries, edited programs, trailers, previews, etc.

At the same time, we guarantee that the security and comfort of our players is crucial for us and therefore before sharing any such records publically outside of the community of the players of our games, we will follow these key principles:

  • We will only publish records we do not consider inflammatory, contentious or embarrassing
  • All pictures taken will first be presented in a closed group for players of our games only. If any player considers any of the pictures embarrassing or otherwise problematic, for example pictures during an intense game situation, we will not share such pictures outside of this closed group of players. 
  • We do not tag or otherwise identify players in any of the pictures or videos taken, we never tag players in pictures or videos on social media and at the same time we ask all players to tag themselves if it is their preference.

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