Goodf people of Langueodc - Lagal.


The act of registration to this game also constitutes a consent of the player that they will under all circumstances behave in a manner that does not put their or anyone else’s life, health or property at risk. Alcohol consumption is allowed during the game but the players consent that they will drink responsibly. Consumption of other psychotropic drugs is strictly forbidden. 

The players declare that they will treat the premises and equipment of the state castle Lipnice with utmost care knowing that the castle is a National Cultural Treasure. The players will not damage in any way the building itself or any of the property within it, they will not cut into plastering, damage floors and they will immediately notify the organizers in case of spillage. 

The players will also treat with utmost care any items and costumes provided to them by the organizers. 

The players will be respectful to other players. The players will not disrupt the game with their behaviour (by talking about topics not related to the game and the setting). If they feel the need to step out of the role, they will do so strictly in premises dedicated to such purpose. 

Our games are strictly non-smoking. Smoking players will respect this and they will only smoke in a designated smoking area.

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The set-up of our games does not create situations where the lives of players would be in danger. However, accidents can happen even under the least expected circumstances and we are prepared for such situations. During our dramatical LARPs, a trained health professional is always present and we are ready to call an ambulance in case of an emergency. 



The team of authors of the game acknowledges that in their games, various facts from religious and political history of certain nations are used. Multiple characters are written with world-views that make it clear that they see things in black and white, their simplified point of view is meant to reflect the historical reality of the people living in the given place at the time of our game. We intend to let you experience thinking and world-view of people from history.

For that reason, even attitude to gender topics reflects the historical reality. The historical reality was strongly prejudiced in terms of gender, religion and nationality. That does not mean that we are expressing our personal opinions to the rights of minorities by creating a game from such period. The aim is to create a thrilling and entertaining game which is as close to historical reality as is possible for us. 

That being said, some of historical facts might be described in a way that does not fully correspond to actual findings of historians. We are presenting dramatic historical games, not documentaries. Conflicts and opposing views are accentuated and sometimes even exaggerated, one-sided and unfair to some religious groups or nationalities. We would like to clarify that this is done only to make the game more dramatic. A good story needs a drama and that is created by the catharsis of conflicts and strife. There is no value statement attached from our side to any of the situations occurring during the game. We value all religions, sexes and nationalities equally. If you feel offended by any event in the game, please contact the organizers immediately to help us resolve the situation.  


Unless clearly stated otherwise, all characters in the game have a set sex and they are either male or female. This is an integral part of the game design and we cannot change the characters to suit the needs of individual players. Since our historical games focus on a certain level of historical authenticity, unless clearly stated otherwise, we do not have crossgender characters.

At the same time, we welcome without reservation all players regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The character selection process is based on a dialog between the players and the organizers and we are very forthcoming. In some of our games, you can play a character without a defined sex or in other cases, we have male or female option of the same character. This is mentioned in the short character bios for each game.

Professional support during and after the game 

All our games contain mechanics that safeguard physical and psychological safety of the players. We provide an explanation of game mechanics and we practice them during pre-game workshops. 

During and after the game, psychologists, couches and therapists are available for the players, either among the organizers or if a more extensive help is needed, we are ready to refer them to further professional help.