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Time traveling team

Time traveling team

Gabriela BenešováGabriela Benešová

I studied cello at the Prague Conservatory, and as I was increasingly attracted to early music, I studied Baroque Music Performance Practice and Musicology at Masaryk University and took several master classes in Baroque cello and viola da gamba. For several years I pursued an international professional career with the Rainbow Quartet, several orchestras and solo concerts. I then spent some time teaching music and art in several schools. Eventually I left that professionally and got on my own feet as a businessman.

In the meantime, I’ve written several short stories and one book so far. I like mysticism, personal development, music and stories. Together with Thomas, I run classes in the instructed performance of medieval music and especially singing. And also courses for teachers, where we show them how to use larp in school as an educational method.


Tomáš HouškaTomáš Houška

I am a musician, writer, screenwriter and film director.
True – I once did a PhD in psychology and education. I was once involved in the founding of Mensa High School and I also taught there and served as principal for several years. I worked as a school psychologist, taught pedagogy, psychology and diplomatic protocol, and also worked as a ministerial official.
But I also studied the guitar and played in a few rock bands for a while, but then I got engrossed in medieval
and medieval music. I took several master classes in the performance of medieval chant, especially liturgical chant. I also led expeditions to the castles of Cathar in the foothills of the Pyrenees…

Yeah – and writing? I’ve written something like twenty books. And a couple of screenplays, some of which I managed to get made into films.



Renata BartončíkováRenata Bartončíková

Although I studied law in the Czech Republic and the UK, I tend to be more in the world of history, marketing and project management. I have fallen in love with living history and spend most weekends at various society events such as the Charles Age.
I went to music school to play the piano, but we don’t have that in the Middle Ages. So in the Middle Ages I like to play different instruments – flutes, lute, harp and hurdy gurdy. And of course I sing

The three of us and other co-authors and co-organizators, NPC’s and other helpers are creating  LARP’s that you can find on the Time Pilgrimage website.

As for larp – the way it works for us is that we try to pay everyone who works on our games, but we are volunteers ourselves. It’s not our livelihood, but it’s a very demanding (and beloved) hobby.