About the game


Good People of Languedoc is an international adaptation of the Czech larp Albigenští, which has already been repeated eight times.

The Cathar Wars are over, and Langued’Oc is now under the reign of France. Despite the suppression and persecution of Catharism, there are rumors of Cathars hiding among the good people of Quillan and nearby towns. Against this backdrop, the upcoming wedding of the young Lord de Quillan attracts travelers from afar. In the midst of this situation, two Dominicans, an extended arm of the Pope, are investigating a local priest’s disgraceful behavior, and a group of Templar knights coming to the wedding isn’t making things any easier.

The Good People of Languedoc is an immersive LARP with a strong narrative focus that takes place in the Quillan manor, situated in the foothills of the Pyrenees. Step into the medieval world of Quillan and witness the Middle Ages come to life. Our game offers medieval Provençal cuisine, chant worships, and dramatic plots to fully immerse you in the atmosphere of 1262.

The game is designed to provide an authentic historical experience that no travel agency can match. You will encounter medieval ways of thinking, Christian mysticism, and ancient music. The game also provides the opportunity to experience medieval liturgy in a way that is no longer possible. While combat and violence may occur, warfare is not the primary focus of the game. The entire game will take place within the Lipnice nad Sázavou castle, transformed for the purpose of our game into the Quillan manor. Expeditions beyond the castle walls are at your own risk. Expect the game to be heavily conversational.

While some characters may have a detective storyline, all players will encounter mystery, fear, humanity, and inhumanity. Each character has their own dreams and motivations, striving to achieve personal goals. To succeed, players must interact together to unravel the various plotlines. Some characters’ lives will be in danger, and some will tragically fail on their path. But these experiences are an integral part of the game.

The mix of game elements varies from character to character, but if we wanted to average it and apply it to the whole game, it would be approximately this.

NPCs, or non-player characters, occasionally arrive in the game to introduce new information and move the plot forward, providing additional depth and variety. The focus is not on conflicts between characters and NPCs, but rather on the conflicts and issues that arise among the characters themselves. NPCs serve to add intrigue and excitement to the game, but they are not the primary driving force.

Good people of Languedoc larp is a game that combines a rich script with great freedom of decision.
„Good People of Languedoc“ LARP is a game that combines a rich script with a high degree of freedom in decision-making.